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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Discovery CD – Stéphan Sylvestre

Discovery CD – Stéphan Sylvestre

As announced in the editorial of the September issue, La Scena Musicale is pleased to present the Discovery CD in partnership with Espace 21 Records, a CD downloads for our subscribers. The Discovery CD was launched in 2009 in partnership with Espace 21 Records. Its aim is to allow LSM Subscribers to discover a new generation of musicians, along with discovering great musicians of the past.

This week’s Discovery CD is Canadian pianist Stephan Sylvestre’s latest record. It consists of works by Johannes Brahms, including 8 piano pieces, two rhapsodies, three intermezzi and an Albumblatt in A minor op. posthumous. CBC music calls his approach to Johannes Brahms “much more romantic [than Perahia], but equally appealing. His playing is introspective and thoughtful, imbued with a deep sensitivity.”

Many critics have praised Sylvestre. He was compared to Artur Rubinstein for his natural talent (La Presse, Montreal). His career takes place on an international scale, having performed in Canada, the United States, Brazil, the Middle East, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, England, Czech Republic, Russia and the Netherlands.

Sylvestre is very active in the music world. In addition to concerts, he conducts masterclasses and is regularly invited on the jury of international competitions such as the Canadian Music Competition, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra Competition, the Glenn Gould School Concerto Competition and the Montreal International Musical Competition. Since 2005, he has been associate professor and head of keyboard studies at Western University Canada.

Sylvestre will give a free recital on May 10, 2015 at the Chapelle Historiquedu Bon-Pasteur on the centennial of Alexandre Scriabine’s death.

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JOHANNES BRAHMS [ 1833 - 1897 ]

KLAVIERSTÜCKE OP. 76 [ Piano Pieces – Pièces Pour Piano ]
01 no. 1 capriccio in F sharp minor / en fa dièse mineur. un poco agitato 3’20
02 no. 2 capriccio in B minor / en si mineur. allegretto non troppo 3’42
03 no. 3 intermezzo in a flat major / en la bémol majeur. Grazioso 2’12
04 no. 4 intermezzo in B flat major / en si bémol majeur. allegretto grazioso 2’25
05 no. 5 capriccio in c sharp minor / en do dièse mineur. agitato ma non troppo presto 3’09
06 no. 6 intermezzo in a major / en la majeur. andante con moto 4’14
07 no. 7 intermezzo in a minor / en la mineur. Moderato simplice 3’11
08 no. 8 capriccio in c major / en do majeur. Grazioso ed un poco vivace 3’29

ZWEI RHAPSODIEN OP. 79 [ Two rhapsodies – Deux rhapsodies ]
09 no. 1 in B minor / en si mineur 9’54
10 no. 2 in G minor / en sol mineur 6’15

DREI INTERMEZZI OP. 117 [ Three intermezzi – Trois intermezzi ]
11 no. 1 in e flat major / en mi bémol majeur. andante moderato 5’00
12 no. 2 in B flat minor / en si bémol mineur. andante non troppo e con molto espressione 4’47
13 no. 3 in c sharp minor / en do dièse mineur. andante con moto 6’00

14 [ in a Minor oP. PosTh 1853 - en la Mineur, oP. Posthume 1853 ] 1’58

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