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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Next Great Art Song - Michael Morse's Favourite Art Song

Our next submission is by composer Michael Morse. Submit your vote at!

1. Gretchen am Spinnrad', Franz Schubert -- a radical departure from the Lieder of Beethoven and Mozart, and from operatic melody, too; the fantastically conceived nervous rhythm of the piano part both imitates the spinning wheel and cuts to the inner emotional turmoil of the character. Schubert contributed as much to Lied as a genre as Haydn to the symphony and string quartet.

2. "Ging heut morgen über's Feld," fromSongs of a Wayfarer, Gustav Mahler -- effortlessly expresses the combined verve, hope, and doubtfulness of youth; and it prepares the way for Mahler's fusion of Lied and Symphony, starting with the development of this piece in the First Symphony.

3. "Auf einer Wanderung," Hugo Wolf -- develops the combination of evocation/imitation in the accompaniment pioneered by Schubert, married to expressive post-Wagnerian harmonies and a gorgeous melodic sense.

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